Company profile

GML Health Care Ltd.

GML Health Care Ltd. belongs to GML Group - a group of RNDr. Hubert Koukol´s production companies and it is the only business company of the group.

In the Czech Republic and Slovakia GML Health Care Ltd. ranks among important distributors of medical devices and disposables for hemodialysis centres and special solutions for continuous extracorporeal blood purification (CRRT) with citrate regional anticoagulation.

In 2012 the company GML HC acquired a permission to distribute pharmaceuticals and in 2013 the Certificate GDP.

In 2012 GML Health Care Ltd. broadened its business activities to Poland and Austria.

In 2014 GML Health Care Ltd. becomes the main business partner (supplier of medical devices and disposables) of the company Czech alliance for dialysis Ltd. (ČAD – Česká aliance pro dialýzu s.r.o.), which is starting business activities in the dialysis market. At the same time ČAD is opening the Hamza dialysis centre, the first highly specialized dialysis and rehabilitation centre for dialysis patients from throughout the Czech Republic (