GML Group

GML Group

GML Group involves RNDr. Hubert Koukol´s Czech companies, which mutually complement their product portfolios to match better their target business activities. It includes Biomedica Ltd., Centec Ltd., GML Health Care Ltd. and InMediec Ltd. (which has been incorporated in Biomedica Ltd. since 1st January 2013 and has become a specialized detached branch located in Luhačovice).

The group was established to enable both an efficient utilization of human resources and a capital increase taking maximum advantage of mutual synergic effects. Common goals guarantee a transparent strategy and an efficient management.

GML group headquarters for all included companies is located in Prague, the manufacturing companies have their production and storage capacity in Hořátev Technology Park situated 40 km east of Prague.

Technology Park Hořátev

Technology Park Hořátev (TPH) was founded in 2005 on the site of the former largest manufacturer of infusion solutions in the Czech Republic - INFUSIA Inc. Production plants, offices and warehouses are thus situated in this nearly 15 ha industrial area specialized in pharmaceuticals located about 40 km east of Prague.

Major building operations are going under way in THP. They are associated with the construction of a new shop floor and the expansion of storage capacities and gradual modernization of the technology park.

TP Hořátev
General view of the TP Hořátev

GML Health Care Ltd.

GML Health Care Ltd. belongs to GML Group - a group of RNDr. Hubert Koukol´s production companies and it is the only business company of the group.

In the Czech Republic and Slovakia GML Health Care Ltd. ranks among important distributors of medical devices and disposables for hemodialysis centres and special solutions for continuous extracorporeal blood purification (CRRT) with citrate regional anticoagulation.

In 2012 the company GML HC acquired a permission to distribute pharmaceuticals and in 2013 the Certificate GDP.

In 2012 GML Health Care Ltd. broadened its business activities to Poland and Austria.

ČAD - the Czech Alliance for dialysis Ltd. (

ČAD - the Czech Alliance for dialysis Ltd. is the youngest company that belongs to GML Group. It was founded in 2011 for the establishment and running of dialysis centers in the Czech Republic in close cooperation with the company GML.

The first dialysis center was ceremonially opened in September 2014 - Hamza's dialysis center located on the grounds of the Hamza´s sanatorium (“Hamzova odborná léčebna pro děti a dospělé”) in Luže, Košumberk.

Due to several years of intense collaboration of ČAD and the Hamza´s sanatorium there was established the first specialized center for dialysed patients with rehabilitation care in the Czech Republic (dialysis and specialized rehabilitation at one point).

Biomedica (

Biomedica Ltd. ranks among important manufacturing companies. It manufactures unique products based on its own formulas. Most of products, including drugs, food complements or cosmetics, contain herbal extracts, essences, essential oils or vitamins.

A varied program of production currently involves the production of registered medicinal products, medical devices for dialysis (bicarbonate cartridges) and it is also engaged in trading in raw materials for pharmaceutical industry and cosmetics.

InMediec Ltd., one of the GML Group companies, has become a part of the company Biomedica Ltd. since 1st January 2013. Since then it has turned into a specialized detached branch located in Luhačovice. Biomedica employs more than 150 staffers in the Czech Republic.

Centec Ltd. (

Centec automatika belongs to the international corporation CENTEC Worldwide Group headed by the company CENTEC GmbH residing in Frankfurt-Maintal in Germany with its own branches in the USA, Serbia and Brazil.

Centec deals with the development and production of sensors, instrumentations and production technologies, as well as sale and maintenance of measurement and regulation equipment and laboratory equipment of renowned brands especially in the field of thermostats for heating and cooling to the extreme, distillation units, rotary vacuum evaporators, dryers, etc.

The know-how acquired during its over-20-year long existence has made it possible for Centec to project and manufacture Centec systems for highly precise continuous fluid mixing and gas dosage as well as systems for degassing, sterilization and water cooling. Centec sensors, components and devices are used not only in chemical industry, electrical power industry and general engineering, but also largely in drink industry for production of beer, soft drinks, fruit syrups and spirits.