GML Group

GML Group

GML Group involves RNDr. Hubert Koukol's Czech companies, which mutually complement their product portfolios to match better their target business activities. It includes Biomedica Ltd., Centec Ltd., GML Health Care Ltd., KIMM Invest Ltd. and Healthcare Operator of Hamza’s Dialysis Center - ČAD Czech Alliance for Dialysis Ltd.

GML Health Care Ltd.

GML Health Care Ltd. is a major distributor of medical devices for              chronic and acute dialysis, consumables and solutions for CRRT              with RCA in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Biomedica Ltd.

Traditional Czech manufacturer of pharmaceuticals, medical devices, dietary supplements and herbal cosmetics.


Centec Ltd.

Centec Ltd. deals with the development and production of sensors, instrumentation and operating technologies, as well as the sale and service of measuring and control equipment and laboratory equipment of renowned world brands.

KIMM Invest Ltd.

KIMM Invest Ltd. owns and manages the Technology Park Hořátev, provides services and creates background for the other members of the group.

ČAD Česká aliance pro dialýzu Ltd.

ČAD operates the Hamza’s Dialysis Center in the premises of the Hamza's Specialized Therapeutic Center in Luž Košumberk. Hamza’s Dialysis Center is a highly specialized center for dialysed patients with superior medical and rehabilitation care, all in one place.